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Esther G. White's campaign for mayor of Richmond, Indiana

Article About Esther G. White's campaign for a seat in Congress

An article going into some detail about Esther's views on religion and war

An envelope addressed to White containing a letter from Harold Kessinger.

A descriptive postcard from Indiana made in 1910.


Esther Griffin White's voting card when she ran for Mayor of Richmond, Indiana as an Independent candidate

A write up of Esther's life and contriubtions shortly after her death in 1954. White is remembered as a writer and art collector among other things.

A comic by an unknown artist of a visitor in one of Richmond's art galleries.

These are three basic genology charts for Esther Griffin White.

A Bookplate made for White's usage by G. Baker

Whites' personal membership card for the Women's Press Club of Indiana, issued in February 1920.

A Pencil sketch of sister Esther Griffin White by beloved brother, Raymond White.

A photograph of Ms. White from the 1915 Christmas issue of The Little Paper.

Signed Reproduction of a Chalk Drawing by Howard Leigh to Esther Griffin White. Howard Leigh Graduated from Earlham College and studied under John Albert Seaford.

This newspaper article was written after Esther Griffin White's Death. This Article was the first of a five part series on bookplates for the Palladium-Item and Sun-Telegram.

Esther Griffin White's Personal Journal. Written from August 1910 through October 1910.


Headline from an article White wrote in the Palladium that highlights her views of gender roles in Richmond society