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This newspaper article was written after Esther Griffin White's Death. This Article was the first of a five part series on bookplates for the Palladium-Item and Sun-Telegram.

Headline from an article White wrote in the Palladium that highlights her views of gender roles in Richmond society

Headline of Esther Griffin White's article in the Palladium that simultaneously gossips about a Richmond citizen's public event and condones female suffragists in their ability to raise money.

This article is in response to the film "The Birth of a Nation." Esther considered the film an insult to African Americans and a ploy to make money.

This article concerns Esther's view on a speaker who was invited to Earlham on a Sunday, but whose speech was pushed back to Monday due to the clash between religion and money.

This article discusses dancing as a way in which to improve health and social life, and also notes that Earlham College students should dance more.

This article describes a centennial celebration put on by Earlham College. In it, Esther criticizes the city for not taking into account the wishes of Richmondites for a centennial celebration, as well as commends the college on a job well done.

An article by Esther Griffin White commenting on the position of the Suffrage Movement


An article from Esther Griffin White in The Little Paper, explaining why she left the Richmond Item

The back page of the thirteenth issue of the Little Paper, including Esther's "Paragraphs" detailing local news as well as her commentary, and her "Little Aphorisms," collections of her pithy sayings.

An Issue of The Little Paper announcing Esther Griffin White's candidacy for Mayor

The front page of the first issue of the Little Paper.

A Posthumus article published after Esther G. White's death, discussing her attidues and acts of defiance towards the Blue Laws

A letter from Esther Griffin White to Timothy Nicholson regarding his negative comments of her article on the Yearly Friends Meeting