Josiah Parker Papers Letter 3

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Josiah Parker Papers Letter 3


Letter from William Flanner to Josiah Parker


Flanner, William




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Smithfield Jefferson County Ohio 4 mo. 28th 1816

Esteemed friend

Benja. Ladd intending to the Virginia yearly Meeting affords an opportunity of information and enquiry we are reasonable well and for the greater part have had our health well Since living in this state; and our Relatives generally so tho Isaac Parker has lately had a very ill turn of fever and jaundice which occasions him to be yet weakly, their poor deformed Child Rhoda lately dec’d; we left our little farm last winter and mov’d to this place, where with the help of our Daughter Abigail I have engaged in Schoolkeeping; at the rate of about 70 or 80 Dollars a quarter. I have been no long journey since the Summer before last: that proved the worst and ___ that I ever was engaged in and then hoped it might be the last; it was in war time and the [Sinney?] I had to visit was beyond telling and had an awful effect on my mind in so much that I returned with a Sad Sense of it but having that I wish thee to write me by Benja Ladd very minutly every circumstance that has transpired since last year or the year before that thou thinks would be any way interesting; in particular what deaths amongst our acquaintances and what state the Society of friends appear to be in; what progrefs for the help of the poor Blacks; and what marriages amongst friends or their Children; and whether any further views of moving to this Country-

I am now fifty years of age my eyes grown dim and my bodily Strength generally declined; but Still hope I love the Brethren and keep the prize in view; Oh! may I be kept to the end in well doing, that nothing may make a Separation between the durable past and its Soverign Support till the awful Solemn close: a time when (no doubt) we would all have an [Interest?] in the deer Redeemer love my dear wife joins me in love to thee and frds generally in they freedom

Wm Flanner

[Additional notes on the letter]:

Two days after date, I promise to pay Josiah Parker or order the just and full sum of four cents It being for value Recd. Witnefs my hand and seal this

Two days after date, I promise to pay Jeremiah Parker or order the just and full sum of fifty Eight cents, It being for Value Recd. witnefs my hand and seal this 26th day of the 6th mo 1816 Two days after date I promise to pay Jeremiah Parker or order the just and full sum of fifty Eight cents It being for Value Recd. Witnefs my hand and Seal the 26th day of the 6th Mo. 1816.

William Flanner appears not to improve in writing If he is teaching school

Josiah Parker


William Flanner
Jefferson County
State of Ohio
Recd this letter, the 3rd of the 6th mo. 1816

Josiah Parker
Northhampton County,
North Carolina

Josiah Parker
or other friend that may
attend from Rich square
Nohampton County NoCarolina
to the kind care of B. Land



Flanner, William, “Josiah Parker Papers Letter 3 ,” Earlham Exhibits, accessed July 20, 2024,


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