Josiah Parker Papers Letter 35

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Josiah Parker Papers Letter 35


Letter to Nathan Parker from Samuel and Rebecca Parker.


Parker, Samuel and Rebecca




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Rush County Indiana State 6th of 7th mo. 1831

To my Parents Brothers and Sisters to you all in a furin land it appears that all the chance we have of hearing from each other is by pen ink and paper I would be glad to here from you oftener then I do this is the 3rd attempt that I have made in writing a letter to you, William informs me that he has wrote twice since I have I mite a put some in if he had a bin here my family is not right well this morning Rebecah and the smalist Children had a very hot fever last knight with cold, Not much complaint among our relation and friends I have a bin a sending my t[w]o Bigist boys to School they have bin something like 4 months a piece they can read right smart and write a little we have a school at present for 6 months, Our Crops wafs cut off right smart last season by the drouth but come in far beyond any ons expecttation I have sold some Corn at 25 cents per Bushel and bacon at five cents per pound wheat is fifty cents per Bushel, I have heard that the Laws is very lite there respecting millitary demands and also respecting the People of coular [some words are marked out] suffering cases has bin very favorable in this neighbouhood my Crop is midling likely considering the time when I planted it I have a bout 6 Acres in Corn this year and a bout 3 Acres in Wheat my Wheat is not likely to come in as good as common on the account of the rust and weet weather it has bin plenty weet this spring and summer as yet 10th I some expect to reap to morrow if nothing turns up altho my Wife is right porly to day with something like the cholic William went from here this morning to John Bells to work which is about 28 miles from here he has bin prity much in that Settlement ever since the 1st mo he I believe wafs quite hearty and he also informed us that Uncle Jeremiah and Children wafs midling well when he Came by there 15th my Family is all up and about today again our Neighbours is all or not much complaint amongst them at present I Think it a great pity that people in that Cuntry had reather drink Grog that to pay there jest debts for I believe if those my debtors had a meddled with it Lefs it might a bin better for them and me for I have had a high as Six Dollars and sevety five cents to pay this year ove Meeting subscription and several more on hand for it requires a good deal of Money in this Cuntry for any one that Settles in the green woods more especily any one that is afflicted as I am for the woods is very heavy timbered and heavy Rooling oxen is made a good deal youse ove here in roling logs which make it a bundance easier for men I have about Seventeen Acres under fens but Could not git it all in cultivation this year by being belated but a good deal of timber on part of it yet I tuck in a bout Seven Acres this spring ready for cultivation but I did not plant it all; Three of the Bulis seeds cum up and Several of the Grapeseeds and not a single ground pee and we have a inglish Grapevine that has got grap[e]s on it and a smal[l] Orchard planted out the number of thirty six Appletrees and twenty or twenty five peachtrees we have not received a loin from one of you this year we recd. one letter that the[e] sent to North carolina Yearly Meeting prity Soon and one by James Roberts the 29th of 4th mo 1831 also one from Julia and one from Phebe in three days after he got home which wafs very Satisfactory to here of your health we should be glad to here from you oftener then we do I expect to Send this letter On by John Winslow to Guilford We have lat[e]ly had a letter from Jarrad Patterson he wafs in new york on a religious Visit he expected to be gone 6 months and his Father and Mother has moved in this Cuntry and wafs tolerable well a bout 2 Weeks ago and Simeon Tailor moved down here last fall in this neighborhood I made a finish of my Corn to day and Laid it all by and left it Clean 16th I dont se[e] much more to write at present but feel desious to se[e] you all in this Cuntry I am now a going to take this letter on the barriar as he is a going to start to morrow morning for Carolina and so I conclude and remain your effectionate Children and Brother and Sister

Josiah Parker
Samuel Parker


Hills Store N Ca
8th mo 7th

Nathan Parker
Northampton County
post office

Recd. the by me the 16th of 8th mo 1831
Josiah Parker



Parker, Samuel and Rebecca, “Josiah Parker Papers Letter 35,” Earlham Exhibits, accessed October 3, 2022,


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