Josiah Parker Papers Letter 9

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Josiah Parker Papers Letter 9


Letter to Josiah Parker from Jeremiah Parker.


Parker, Jeremiah




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9th Mo. 30th 1819

Esteemed Brother & Sifters

At our little Cottage Wayne County Indiana Elkhorn

I received thy Exceptable letter by post I think in the forepart of this Mo. was glad to here from you all I observed that thee had not colected my mony which I was sorry to here as I am in much want of it & if it Should be so that thee dont get it to send By J. Munden which will be a great disappointment to me I earnestly solisit thee to push Immediately as word will not pay my debts, I was unwell when I wrote to thee last tho now Enjoy tolerable health the family all reaonsable well & well pleased with our woods Situation John & Sally is as well as usual there little Babe is & has been sick with something like the St. Anthony fire we thought likly not to live but it appears to be on the mend now. [Several lines are scribbled through and illegible]. I believe there is no Difficulty in the laws of this State for black People Escept they dont allow them a vote at Elections so I think if it could turn up so as for Saml & family to come to this country there there is no occation for any doubt about the laws that I know of I Exspect Robert will not come soon if ever, thee informed me that you did not dred those men I should have been glad thee had informed me what they were fined for & ____ I wish to know how the suit with the roads Jacobs & Moon & C is or likely to be determined Please give my dear respects to C. Moore in thy freedom as I remember his kindnefs to me with gratitude thou informed me your prospect was promising which I was glad to here, the information respecting corns being so large I can say I never saw larger stalks in my time than on Dickhomony, but remember there was only 2 stalks in a hill we plant ours 4 1/2 feet & have 4 sometimes 5 & 6 there is the difference when in the land of our nativity I heard a great deal sd [said] about the fertillity of this but I think I never heard beyond its worth, our friend & neighbour Sarah the wife of our kind friend John Clark Decd. since I wrote to thee before after about 15 Months confinement She was one that might be said to be a mother in Israel, our Dear friend Wm Wms is just about to set of[f] to visit Blue river Quarterly meeting & those constituting the same My wife & Daughters joins me in affectionat love to you all adieu for this time

Jeremiah Parker

John Hall is present at our house his 3 children brave & healthy Remember me to John Hall family tell him I want to see him


by a friend--Josiah Parker
Noampton County
to be left at Richsquare

Recd. the 19th of 11th Mo. 1819



Parker, Jeremiah, “Josiah Parker Papers Letter 9,” Earlham Exhibits, accessed May 18, 2022,


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