Josiah Parker Papers Letter 30

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Josiah Parker Papers Letter 30


Letter to Martha Parker from Hannah Elliott.


Elliott, Hannah




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Jackson Township Wayne County
Indiana Sept 21st 1829

Dear Friend Martha I have now an opportunity of sending you a few lines which will enform you we are all well also that Charlotte is living with Mr. Huntenger (Dutch People) she went to stay three years her time will be out next Febuary is to have schooling one cow & calf one bed and linen wheel and three suits of Clothes a year Willis is liveing at a Quaker family by the name of Newby Matilda is from home a spinning at this time at 62 1/2 cents per week can spin on doz a day---the rest of us are a liveing on the R Cranes place he is a very Clever man and we are well contented better satisfied than in Carolina have lived with him one year last April--remember me to your Children Rebe[c]ca Copelan[d] and Rebecca Parker I have sent you a few peaces of Calico to your youngest Daughter Charlotte sends a stran of beads to Rebec[c]a Copelan[d] and one to Julia Winslow I have had two sons since been in this part the world one is named John Merchen was 2 years old last March the youngest is six months old his name is Arnold he has a present of two Calico drefses and a very fine cap does not sit alone yet Give my love to Winny Irene and Shelly Langford I dreamed a few nights ago of seeing her Baptized wish you to write whether she is or not I wish you to write to me by James Robert when he returns give my love to Aunt Nancy and tell her to write also I have sent a cap [Galnon?] to Shelly Langford tell her she must send me peaces of drefs patrons in the letter Mrs. Patty writes Cousin Susan Peal wishes you to tell Lydia Peal that they are all well and Mary and John are a goeing to school Mary learns very well but John does not Edward has a fine Crop of corn this season She says she would do very well if she could get something to spin she wants to know where her Brother Samuel and his wife is she wants to know her Childrens ages has lost her paper that she had also where her Brother Robert is whether he gone to Lydera [Liberia] or not

this from your friend
Hannah Elliott

N. B. Sarah is liveing with Mrs. Crane Sept 23 Hannah wishes to know whether her mothers Husband [“is” is marked out] has gone to Lyberia with his wife or not tell uncle J Peel we would be very glad if he would move to this par[t] [of] the country

I would infer from Tenor of Zangs communication that hes gotten in very extensive business by his wanting a sherriff to migrate from this country for the purpose of arranging his business & c


Mrs. Martha Parker
Rec’d 3rd of 3rd Mo 1830



Elliott, Hannah, “Josiah Parker Papers Letter 30,” Earlham Exhibits, accessed June 9, 2023,


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