Marcus Mote

Oil on canvas

 “Indiana Yearly Meeting 1844” not only provided an accurate depiction of the meeting house and the commotion that surrounds it during the lively week of Yearly Meeting, but the piece also serves as a series of nine individual portraits in the foreground, each identified with either a name or initials. Among those depicted were:

1.  Elijah Coffin, presiding clerk of Indiana Yearly Meeting for 32 years

2.  Jeremiah Hubbard, noted Quaker minister, thought to be of Native American descent

3.  John Pease (pees), visiting from Darlington Monthly Meeting, near Durham, England

The rest of the figures are provided with initials, and once crosschecking the initials with names on the Yearly Meeting personages of that time, it is possible to identify those whose initials are provided:

1.  J. P- John Poole, who long sat at the head of Whitewater Quarterly Meeting.

2.  A. M- Asenath or Amy Moore- Both of the Friends Boarding school committee.

3.  A. M- Abraham Moore- representative from New Garden Quarter.

4.  N. M- Nathan Morris- representative from Northern Quarter.

The two initials N.D and H.S remain a mystery.

--Katy Rockefeller