Josiah Parker Papers Letter 23

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Josiah Parker Papers Letter 23


Letter to Josiah Parker from William Parker.


Parker, William




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10th mo 8th
1828 Wayne
County Indiana

Dear Father Mother Brothers & Sisters

I have waited along time for a letter from you I got here in this state the 1st of 5th mo last I got to S. P. 7th turned in to work with him to clearing up some of his land which he had ready for roling got it burnt mostly off and commenced planting it the last 7th day in 5 mo last about 5 acres of which I draw 1/2 I am in hopes to get 100 bushels I have bought 80 acres more of land joining for $14 I have been working on my place Some and have grafs seed sowd for pasture Should be glad to see you all I know not when if ever I have been at meeting at white water to day. I thing it was a great meetings there was Several weighty testamonies delivered Thomas Shilatoe was there from Old England; Elias Hix had a another in a barn a little way off or I exspect so there was one appointed for him I shall not say much about the Separatist as I exspect you will get it other ways better than I can inform you I have seen Zang Hannah Edward & Wife when I first came out they were all well and pretty well satisfied as far as I know of I have not seen Zang Since I first came down here he said he had a good chance for a crop I wrote a letter and posted it at Barnesville Belmont Cty Ohio when there I tried to inform you how I got along over the Mountains--I hve seen Joseph M Lewis he told me he saw Nathan in Virginia at western Quarterly meeting I think he might have wrote me something by J P if he would you know I am in a strange land or far from my former residence it appears I shall have a hard t[ask?] If ever I get a farm but I intend trying hard for one I should be glad ____ some more help so as to give me a little start as I am not able to purchase necessaries for house keeping I think I must try to board myself as it would come cheaper although I can get boarded for 62 1/2/100 per week or two days work notwithstanding I had rather live by myself. If I had a good house on my own land. there is a saw and grist mill within two miles or lefs of my land. Several of our neighbours have had the azes and furs very hard. Micajah Binford’s Children have been sick some time ago I think they have got better B Binford is one of his sons cut themselves very bad with an ax last summer. they are well or so that B. B. and J. B. are at meeting & Jared Patterson Also I may inform you that I [“left the” is marked out] went out of the meeting house on second day there was so much said in regard to _____ing the meeting & I knew I had not a right in this land I said something about it to some of my acquaintance and I did not go out on that account anymore I do desire if you are ever going to give me a pafs or right it matter not how soon as I believe there are some who think my right is forfeited or it gives room for suspicion--. I got here with all the money safe and got two percent for fetching it: but not a sent for my trouble with the negroes as yet--

9th and 5th of the week at Thomas Stafford my health is pretty good at present and has been nearly so ever since I got here Although Several that come on with me have had the ague ague and fever James roberts among the people are generally healthy in this State as far as I know of ---- I have been at meeting to day the Queries and answers were read divisions have taken place at several Quarterly meetings they held what they call a yearly meeting at Waynesville on the little miami in Ohio last week-- I have tried to inform you as much as I am able to and I want Father to inform about everything there [nicely?] so and would be glad yea very much to hear that you had sold out and were coming to this land but it may be that we never shall see each others faces again I hopefully before very long--I believe I have wrote nearly all I can think of at present. theres a part of this letter that I dont care about every body seeing although thee may inspect it--give my love to all that enquires of me.

William Parker
Josiah Parker

You may send my Certificate to duck Creek Monthly meeting in Henry County Indiana 10th __________ and do feell quite as stout as ever I did in N. C.


Josiah Parker
County NC

Recd. the 13th of 11th mo 1828



Parker, William, “Josiah Parker Papers Letter 23,” Earlham Exhibits, accessed May 17, 2022,


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