Josiah Parker Papers Letter 24

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Josiah Parker Papers Letter 24


Letter to Josiah Parker from Samuel and Rebecca Parker.


Parker, Samuel and Rebecca




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8th day 10th mo 1828

Richmond Wayne County State of Indiana 4 day Morning at our yerly meeting

to my Dear Father Mother Brothers Sisters

I take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you as there seams to be an opertunity of getting it along to your Yearly Meeting by hand have bin to a public Meeting to at our Yearly Meeting house as it is our Yearly Meeting week and I am also am willing to inform thee that we have had but very little or no disturbance in our Meeting as by the separates they separated from us at the quartly Meetin and held what they Call a quartly Meeting in the meeting house yard and there appointed representatives to attend what they Call Indiana Yearly Meeting at Waynsvill this year which they held last week Elias Hicks held a public meeting a little way from ours today how owfully it does seam to feel all wel considerate friends as more especily to our dear relations in Such a bewildered situation as so deceived by the grand adversary there is a couple in my knoledge that have have live a great many years as husband and wife and he has so fare deviated from the truth as to tel his dear and efectionate bosom friend that he had gone wit her to meeting the last time he has joined the hickites as time is but Short I have but little time to write in I must begin to adjurn 5 day morning as our Meeting sets today at 10 OClock and I have a little notion of returning homeward today I am tolerable wel at present and left my family prity much so last first day morning and hoping that these few loins may find you enjoying the same blessing Jarrar Paterson is at our yearly meeting and says that he and family are week and our respected friend Charles Osburn and Thomas Shilito from Ingland our friends and relations is prity well at present but have been sick some this fall and our crops are are generally prity likely and abundance of mast down with us in rush county I also want the[e] to writ[e] to me the first chance or from the Yearly in Carolina I have not hearn a single word from you sinse W P left there there do writ[e] a little offener I want the[e] also to try to git my money that is is in that cuntry and it by the first good Chanse I want the[e] to remember me to all of my Brothers and Sisters and tel them to keep Clear of this unbelieving party O keep Clear my Brother and my sister and also my most effectionate [parents?] please to inform me whether it is in your Borders as [scribbled out] as it is very privilent in our Cuntry as time is Short and I dont find much more to writ[e] at present and so I Con Clud and remain your effectionate Chileren

My mother also Joins me in Love to you all and also wants to be remembered to all of our Dear friends

Samuel Parker
Rebecca Parker


Recd. the 13th of 11th mo 1828
Josiah Parker
Northampton Co.
State of North Carolina



Parker, Samuel and Rebecca, “Josiah Parker Papers Letter 24,” Earlham Exhibits, accessed May 17, 2022,


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